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Board of Science

The Board of Science is a decision-making, initiating, opinion-making, and advisory body of the Institute within its statutory activity, as well as in the matters of development of scientific and technical-research staff. Basic decisions referring to scientific activity of MCI are made in cooperation with the Board of Science. From the foundation of the Institute the Board embraced outstanding specialists of communications and electronics, known home and abroad, among them:  J. Groszkowski, S. Manczarski, S. Ryżko, W. Rotkiewicz, Z. Szpigler, M. Dąbrowski, W. Oszywa. Presently, the Board of Science comprises 19 members.

Members of the MCI Board of Science
Term of office: 2015-2019

Ph.D. Robert Białas

Prof. Andrzej Dąbrowski (Warsaw University of Technology)

M.Sc. Damian Duda

M.Sc. Piotr Frankowski

Prof. Piotr Gajewski (Military University of Technology)

Ph.D. Rafał Gliwa

M.Sc. Edward Golan

Ph.D. Paweł Kaniewski

M.Sc. Stanisław Kosicki (Radmor SA)

Prof. Marek Leśniewicz -  vice chair

Prof. Jerzy Łopatka (Military University of Technology)

Col. Dariusz Osmulski (Ministry of National Defence)

Ph.D. Janusz Romanik - secretary

Prof. Marek Suchański - chair

Ph.D. Andrzej Stańczak

Prof. Janusz Stokłosa

Ph.D. Joanna Śliwa

Ph.D. Robert Urban

Ph.D. Robert Wicik

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