Radio communications and Electronic Warfare Division


Wireless Networks and Mobile Communication Systems

  • Design and testing of wireless communication systems
  • Modernisation of HF and UHF radio communication subsystems
  • Hybrid wireless communication systems
  • Implementation of 5G technology in military systems
  • Testing of HF broadband radio channels and development of WBHF (Wideband HF) technology
  • Wireless sensor networks in tactical environment: design, integration, optimisation
  • Dynamic spectrum management in military radio communication systems
  • Analysis of propagation problems in wireless networks
  • Radio waves attenuation models for wireless communication planning systems
  • Compatibility of radio networks, methods for estimating the probability of intra-system interference
  • Ensuring the uninterfered operation of wireless communication systems
  • Simulation studies on phenomena related to the physical layer in radio communication (radio wave propagation, modulation classification, multi-antenna transmissions)
  • Radio Replication Mechanisms (RRM) in HF/VHF/UHF radio communication systems
  • Resource management and guaranteeing quality of service in wireless networks
  • Network technologies for routing protocols and QoS in wireless networks

Electronic Warfare

  • Monitoring and analysis of radio signals for the purpose of surveillance and locating emission sources
  • Effective methods of radio communication interference
  • Transmission security techniques for radio communication systems
  • Design of radio monitoring, DF and jamming systems
  • Design and production of key equipment for signal analysis and jamming systems
  • Integration of electronic warfare systems and development of specialized software
  • Research on the susceptibility of radios and radio communication systems to electronic attacks
  • Cooperation with manufacturers of radio communication equipment to increase its resistance to intentional interference
  • Protection against RCIED


  • Provision of expert and technical opinions commissioned by external entities on radio and radioline systems
  • Tests of radio communication systems mounted on mobile objects
  • Tests and measurements of equipment, on-board installations and wireless communication systems
  • Configuration, testing, development of communication software for radio devices
  • Integration of surveillance and reconnaissance systems
  • Diagnostic and service applications for PR4G family radios
  • Standardisation works in the area of radio communication, updating current standardisation recommendations and developing new proposals

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