C4I Systems Division


Research and development of methods for Command and Control Systems, as well as military and civilian ICT infrastructures, specifically:

  • secure information sharing mechanisms in a heterogeneous, federated system environments,
  • mechanisms for detecting cyber threats, anomalies and unauthorized, malicious activities, as well as for protection against cyber attacks,
  • effective mechanisms for traffic control and service provision in a dynamic network environment vulnerable to degradation, in particular for future missions (e.g. for the Federated Mission Network – FMN),
  • use of simulation techniques and empirical research to verify the effectiveness and technical maturity level of solutions offered to the Polish Armed Forces,
  • application of artificial intelligence and optimization mechanisms to develop advanced solutions.

Implementation of advanced ICT security solutions:

  • cross-domain information exchange, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation,
  • information labeling mechanisms for traffic inspection and management at the network edge,
  • dedicated Public Key Infrastructure architectures,
  • authentication and authorization of users and services,
  • operations monitoring in ICT infrastructures including actions taken by operators and system functions,
  • dedicated mechanisms for network anomalies detection and host based cyber attacks,

Detection of unauthorized activities in ICT networks:

  • innovative mechanisms of detecting cyber attacks and network anomalies,
  • threat detection and their mitigation in ICT systems,
  • evaluation of ICT systems security level,
  • detection of malicious access and activities in specialized network environments (e.g. SCADA systems),
  • risk assessment,

Development of command and control system infrastructures on the basis of Service Oriented Architectures:

  • development of lightweight protocol stacks for SOA in tactical domains,
  • use of Software-Defined Networks, cloud, containerization to develop flexible ICT infrastructures,
  • research and development of mechanisms for effective information distribution and sharing in the tactical domains (e.g. for BMS – Battlefield Management Systems),
  • implementation of services for different infrastructures (High Performance Computing Centers, tactical domains, cloud and wireless networks, IoT systems),
  • development and implementation of services for coalition networks (e.g. FMN – Federated Mission Network).

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