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About us

Military Communications Institute - National Research Institute is a research institute subordinate to the Minister of National Defence. It was established in 1951.

At present, the major research area we are interested in is information security in its broadest sense. For years, MCI has been a leading centre for development and production of devices and systems applied in order to classify information. We are proud of our outstanding achievements in this field. About half of the devices certified with a cryptographic protection standard issued by the Military Counterintelligence Service were created in our institute. One of these devices, a cryptographic unique solution, a hardware random sequence generator, has been awarded two international prizes in the field of invention, and the IP-Krypto device has been awarded by the President of Poland and the Minister of National Defence.

The Institute also has operations in the field of electromagnetic protection of information, and recently MCI’s employees have published a series of monographs on this subject. We have one of the largest anechoic chambers in Europe, where we carry out research in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and protection against electromagnetic transfer of information.

Finally, the last area related to ensuring information security is the protection of information and communication networks, particularly the cyber defence, which is really crucial these days. In recent years, we have carried out many projects on this subject, financed with funds allocated to scientific studies. We generally cooperate as a part of consortia with other leading state research centres or in international projects.

Other important research areas include communication systems, radio communications, electronic reconnaissance and combat systems along with command and control systems. We have carried out projects in all these areas that are important for the Polish Armed Forces.

Foreign cooperation, which provides us with access to the latest technologies, is also of great importance. Our employees participate in NATO and European Defence Agency working groups. We have been testing our project developments during important international activities and experiments, such as MNE, CWIX or TIDE. For several years we have been successfully organising international conferences, during which experts from European and NATO centres present the latest solutions for military communications and information technology systems.

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