International Conference on
Military Communications and Information Systems
ICMCIS (former MCC)


Emerging CIS challenges

Warsaw, Poland, 22nd - 23rd May 2018

About conference

The ICMCIS is an international conference with 20-year tradition. The previous name of the conference was: Military Communications and Information Systems Conference - MCC.
The intention of the conference is to create a forum for useful contacts and exchange of ideas on development as well as implementation of advanced information and communications technologies and services into military systems. The conference gives a unique opportunity to discuss different points of view and share experience with colleagues from European and NATO organizations involved in CIS.
Previous conferences took place in various European countries.
Since 2012 the conference has been supported by the IEEE. It is also intended to obtain this support for ICMCIS 2018.
The papers from the last three conferences are indexed in Web of Science Core Collection as well.